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Our designers arrange BIM projects by integrating all engineering parts, that cover whole life cycle of the building – from initial idea, drafting and building up to maintenance and destruction of the building.

Our services

  • Drafting of the lodging, buildings of public purpose, industrial buildings, communications (city streets), and other constructions intended for various economic performance, planning of engineering systems.

Finding energy availability of the building
  • We set energy usage of the building;

  • We assess energy availability of the building;

  • The building is attributed to any of energy availability classes;

  • We issue energy availability certificates of the building.

Technical maintenance of construction
  • Supervision in order the construction works satisfy the project;

  • Calculation of the amounts of actually performed works;

  • Monitoring of the works quality and its implementation;

  • Monitoring of used materials;

  • Guidance of technical maintenance of construction.

Waste management solutions
  • Preparation of the mandatory documents for project arrangement;

  • Preparation of the project documents required for new construction, reconstruction or the repair works.

  • Preparation of draft proposals;

  • Matching of the prepared projects with required institutions;

  • Supervision of realization of the project.

Management of the projects
  • Organisation of preparation of technical project and managing its fulfilment;

  • Preparation of technical task;

  • Engineering consulting during drafting stage and project assessment;

  • Facelift of drafting solutions and organisational performance;

  • Selection and management of the projects to be implemented by the contractors;

  • Engineering, economic and legal consulting in respect of the project;

  • Analysis and assessment of estimates;

  • Representation on behalf of the customer whilst implementing the project.

Gas pipeline projects
  • We cooperate with our partners with many years of experience in the field of gas pipeline design, so we can offer you innovative, reasonable and most suitable solutions to meet your expectations.

Our services
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     Address: Jono Dailides str. 10,                 Marijampole, LT-68307


     Phone.: +370 343 52201


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