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UAB Ugira

Finding energy  availability of the building

We carry out thermovision researchs and determine:

• moisture storage areas, dew point zones;

•properly insulated and not insulated parts of the building, structures, cold bridges;

• the influence of ventilation openings on the building;

• the intermediate state of windows and exterior doors, the quality of the law;

• outdoor air infiltration sites;

• defective floor heating location;

• electrical engineering condition;

• the mechanical condition of mechanical equipment (motors, drives, etc.).


Infrared radiation emitted by solid and liquid bodies is detected at a distance from the thermovisor. The infrared radiation intensity of the bodies is proportional to the body surface temperature, so the higher the surface temperature, the more intense the radiation. Thermovision is possible at a temperature of ~ 15 ° C between the premises and the outside.

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