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UAB Ugira



  • Land plot ownership document - a legal registration of the land plot in the Real Estate Register (an extract from the State Register of Registers).

  • Land plot plan (plot of land formed after cadastral measurements).

  • Co-ownership consent of the land plot (authorization).

  • The Law on Construction of the Republic of Lithuania provides that a builder (client) may be one natural person, therefore if more than one owner is indicated in the statement of the Real Estate Register, other owners must give the right (in writing) to one of the owners to be a builder.

  • Topographic geodetic picture (made no more than 3 years ago).

  • Specific architectural requirements (issued by the local municipality administration).

  • Terms of connection, i.e. Requirements imposed by the administrations of engineering networks to connect to electricity, water supply, sewage, gas, communications and other networks (AB Lesto, AB Lietuvos Dujos, Sūduvos vandenys, etc.).

  • A power of attorney authorizing a designer to reconcile a construction project.

  • A power of attorney authorizing a designer to apply for a construction permit - in case the application is submitted by a non-builder.


  • A contract or agreement regarding the use of another land plot or territory (in the case when it is planned to construct engineering networks or service communications on another plot of land (territory), as well as if another land plot (territory) is provide for temporary use during construction);

  • Written permissions (agreements) of owners (managers) of neighboring (bordering) land plot.

  • Written approvals for the project (in the case of special cases provided for in the construction technical regulations: for example: if the building is designed in the railway protection zone, etc.).

  • Consent of the Chairman of the Garden Community (if necessary).

  • Documents for construction research of the land plot, if such are mandatory or at the request of the builder (documents of engineering geodetic surveys, engineering geological, geotechnical and other surveys, environmental, landscape, hygienic research papers, etc.).

  • Environmental impact assessment documents of the planned economic activity (in case they are mandatory according to the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment of the Proposed Economic Activity).

  • Water bore pass (if connected from another borehole).

  • Specific heritage protection requirements (applicable to the cultural heritage value or its territory, to a specific cultural heritage structure, to a building located in the territory of a cultural heritage site or in a cultural heritage area or their protected areas).

  • Specific requirements for the management and protection of a protected area (in the case when the design of a structure, plot or territory is in the territory of a conservational protection priority or in a complex protected area).


Prepared in accordance with the Construction Technical Regulations (STR), the Construction Act and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania

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